$10 Open Shelves

13. October 2014 DIY 0

Let’s talk about shelves, shall we? I spend an embarrassing amount of time on Pinterest scrolling my way through the dreamy pictures of everything farmhouse and delightful! One of my favorite pinterest pastimes is to drool over farmhouse kitchens. Especially ones with gorgeous open shelving. The possibilities of that extra storage and more importantly, the esthetics of it. Gah. Love. Anyway. My kitchen is not a dream kitchen by any means. It’s small and there’s practically no wall space for shelves….or  anything else for that matter. I have one small narrow wall that I was determined I could make work. Plus, it would serve a dual purpose. Our walls are all plaster and the previous owners wall papered the kitchen. Have you ever tried to remove wallpaper from plaster? No? I’ll save you the details of what it’s like, and just say I’d rather stick needles in my own eyeballs than to ever be forced to remove wallpaper from plaster ever again. Needless to say, I eventually gave up and
ended up hanging textured paintable wallpaper over the existing wallpaper. And wouldn’t luck have it that I’m the worst wall paper hanger-upper in the history of the world.

Oh, happy day.

Any who. As a result of my super stellar wall papering skills, I have this really great seam going right down the middle of this itty bitty wall.

Solution? Open shelving. My thinking is that it will distract the eye away from my tacky wallpaper seam.

Now, to the fun part. How did I do it? And most importantly, how did I do it for $10?

I found these brackets at my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore for $2 per set. I highly suggest checking online to see if you have one near you. And go often.

They’re constantly getting new donations so the inventory is ever-changing. You never know what you’ll find.

I went to Home Depot and got two simple “hobby” boards for the shelves. They’re just 24″ x 6″, making them small enough for my small wall. They were $3 each.

I brought them home and applied a thin coat of stain on them and then painted them with spray paint. Once the paint was dry, I gave them a light sanding so that the stain would pop through and give them a more natural aged look.

Then I hung them. Well. My husband hung them. I would’ve but typically speaking when I hang things, I end up with too many holes and I couldn’t
afford anymore flaws in my wallpaper.

Last but not least, I added some fun farmhousey pitchers and other decor items I had lying around.



I totally love them and until I have my dream kitchen with mass amounts of open shelving, this will totally do. 🙂

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