2016 Projects & Plans

04. January 2016 Design 4
2016 Projects & Plans

I’m a super super super goal driven individual. Like probably to an extreme unhealthy extent. I even set goals on how fast I can straighten my hair. Goals literally make my world go round. I HAVE to have something I’m working towards….even if it’s something small and mundane. There has to be something ahead. So, naturally, I LOVE a New Year. A fresh clean slate every 365 days….yes please. I started mapping out 2016 a couple weeks ago. I like plans as much as I like goals. And lists. So all of my planned goals are on a nicely organized list. Because I’m an insane human.

I thought I’d share a couple of the projects I have planned for 2016.

There’s no real timeline on any of these…..and none of them will happen in January because we’re doing a financial detox. It’s like a food detox, but with money. So, basically I’m going to starve my spending and probably eat my weight in donuts. Because I’m good at balance.

image1Project Numeral Uno: New living room furniture. This has been a looooooooooong time comin. Our couch is pretty…ok…..but it’s microfiber. And brown. Which seemed like such a good idea 5 years ago. The microfiber is super easy to clean and ideal with kids….but I HATE……..wait….let me drive this home……H – A – T -E……the static. We heat with wood, so our home gets dry. All winter we walk around electrocuting each other. I keep a white slip cover on it because I don’t love the brown….and my hate for the slip cover reaches a whole other level. We also have a retro orange wingback chair that is also adorned with a white slip cover. So. Our first undertaking this year will be new furniture. I think I know what I want, but then I’m not sure. Here’s a little idea of the direction I plan to go though with the living room.


Project Numeral…Two:  Transform the current dining room into a dining room/formal living room. Our dining room is big. Obnoxiously big. Too big for just a table…..it’s taken me 5 years of living here to figure out how to arrange this room so it’s functional and aesthetically appealing. This idea actually came to me in a dream. Once again, I prove to you all that I’m an insane human. I’m going to split the room in half…..half being for the dining table and the other half for a formal living area. I will use the furniture from our living room for this project. Perhaps someday I’ll get something newer and nicer for this room, but for now this will do quite nicely. Our wood stove is in the dining room, so I can’t wait to sit in here (it’s easily 10 degrees warmer in that room on any given cold day) with a cup of coffee. Here’s the design for the formal living side of this room. I want farmhouse elegant. Ish.


Project C:  Wallpaper. I’m starting to have a thing for wallpaper. I want to wallpaper an accent wall with a super busy, loud, girly wallpaper in my daughters room. Here’s an image from Pinterest that serves as inspiration for this project.

Project number four:  Paint my master. I hate the color. Always have. I’ve just dealt with it. I don’t have a general direction for this room yet, but it’ll be neutral. Maybe with a wallpapered wall! Yes!

Project 5: Paint the kitchen. It’s been the same color for over a year. It’s time. I want something brighter.

So, there’s a few ideas I have for the new year. I have more, but I’ll spare you. I’m mostly excited about new furniture. Actually, I’m mostly excited about SHOPPING for new furniture.

Do y’all have any home projects planned for 2016??

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4 thoughts on “2016 Projects & Plans”

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    Shelley anderson on January 4, 2016 Reply

    Looks great! You sound a lot like me–goals, lists, projects, etc! Since you sew and are on a spending freeze and like projects, I’d be happy to send you a copy of my “how to slipcover DVD”. Custom Slipcovers are great! You have the ability to take them off and wash them. Especially if you want white, and if you have kids and pets. I’ve paid off my home and cabin with my slipcover business income. I’m currently working on paying off an investment condo. So I totally get the goal thing and financial thing. I obsess too and get neurotic about what I want to make happen. Can’t wait to see the update.

    • 2
      thewillowfarmhouse on January 4, 2016 Reply

      Sounds like you relate! 🙂 I actually have numerous slipcovers in my home already. 🙂 Thanks for your offer!

  • 3
    Amber on January 4, 2016 Reply

    I too am planning on doing a living room makeover. Can you tell me some of the places you plan to shop and what you are looking for in a sofa? I want something cute, affordable and kid friendly. Let me know if you find anything along these lines! ☺️

  • 4
    bryartonfarm on January 5, 2016 Reply

    We have so many plans for our farmhouse renovation in 2016 too. Love your ideas! Very inspirational!

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