A Back Porch Refresh!

A Back Porch Refresh!

Monday’s are my day off – so, I had two choices today. Clean house and catch up on Laundry. Or. Decorate my back porch and play. Well, because I’m a responsible adult who does life so well….I chose the latter. Cough.

I’ll just send my husband to Walmart later to buy everyone clean underwear. Kidding. Maybe.

If you follow me on Instagram, I recently mentioned that the antique daybed was fixin to make its way back outside. We moved it to the sunroom for the winter, because we use the back porch to store our firewood. My husband helped me get it to the back porch over the weekend….and once it was in place, I instantly had the burnin’ desire to decorate. It’s obnoxious. But it’s my life.

I picked up some Herbs from our local Feed & Supply Store in town….because….well because greenery makes all things better. I also brought my old Ikea Terrarium up from the basement. I stole the Vintage Plant Stand from my store, Gable Lane. It’s chippy and perfect.

Mabel wanted in on the fun. She’s one of our new Hens. We retired our old gals…They are living happily ever after on an Amish Farm down the road.

I’m using the same bedding as last year but added the grain striped body pillow from Gable Lane and the blue striped throw pillows that I made a year ago.

It was the perfect little refresh to the back porch after a long winter of staring at Firewood. We still have a lot of work to do in our flower beds and around the patio before everything is Summer ready….but this was the best start! And the 75 degree sunny weather made it that much greater!

I appreciate you stoppin’ by! I don’t get to Blog nearly as much as I used to these days…so when I do, it’s that much sweeter!



4 thoughts on “A Back Porch Refresh!”

  • 1
    Jonita on April 24, 2017 Reply

    Doesn’t the cute bed get wet when it rains? You have it fix so cute.we have to bring our cushions in when it rains here, we have a canopy on our deck.

  • 2
    Ruth on April 25, 2017 Reply

    Have the mystery boxes been sent yet? I haven’t received mine and I thought they were shipped. Thanks🌸

  • 3
    Lisa @ferncreekcottage on April 26, 2017 Reply

    It’s all so beautiful!! Such a dreamy space!

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