A Farmhouse Bench

A Farmhouse Bench

Last week when I moved my Dining Room all around and changed everything up, I needed to fill the wall next to the armoire, so I took my garden bench from outside and brought it in. It worked to fill the space, but it wasn’t the exact vision I had in mind.

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I had a large piece of barn wood sitting outside waiting on a project. I cut it down to size, and added 4 legs that I cut at a 10 degree angle – I wanted them to be slanted. These legs used to be on our outdoor patio table, so I just cut them down to repurpose them.

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Once I got the new bench in place, I decided the gallery wall needed a new look too. I just took things from other rooms and swapped out what was already hanging here. I used the other half of the barn wood that I used for the bench to make the Mercantile sign. I wish we still had Mercantiles. I just want to say “I have to pay a visit to the Mercantile to fetch some flour.” But since Mercantiles are a thing of the past, I’ll just hang a sign in my Dining Room to make me feel better. And feel better, I do.

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I also rotated the railroad station bench. It wasn’t working angled in the corner.  I like it better this way. For now.

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I feel like this room serves as a great….ok maybe not great…..a good example that you can use antiques and vintage pieces to decorate an entire room and it look really classic and timeless. I’m trying to incorporate more color in my decorating. This room has more color than I’ve ever used. I feel so brave. I think I’ll treat myself to lunch today to celebrate my bravery.

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Well, I’m off to the store to finish up some shopping for my kids’ costumes, because I’m Mom of the year and don’t have a costume for my daughter yet.


2 thoughts on “A Farmhouse Bench”

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    Prairie Kari on October 28, 2015 Reply

    Our first snow on the ground here on the Canadian Prairies today so this eye candy of your house is a warm welcome! I Love your farmhouse style it resembles my style in a lot of ways with the natural look of wood and some authentic farmhouse antiques with a few copycats like my table. I have horses so my house also adds in the horse theme to every single room – so I love seeing your piece of Hames above the bench (the wood and metal curved arm that strap together at the top of the horse collar). I am not Amish or anything like that but as a horse crazy girl learned how to harness, hitch and drive a team of horses and gave hay and sleigh rides at a stables, long before I learned to drive a car – nutso I know! Is that a pellet stove in front of your fireplace?

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    Cheri on October 29, 2015 Reply

    Love your farmhouse and your style. Hoping one day to have one my self! Just found your site and I love it.

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