A Little Something I’m Passionate About…

A Little Something I’m Passionate About…

As a Blogger, it is common to receive daily emails from businesses and companies who want me to try their Brands and offer published reviews. Not every Brand is a good fit for my readers (or myself), so I pass on many. But the day I received an email from Dalby Farm, I was instantly intrigued….and instantly on board!


Their email was SO different than all the others I receive. It was FULL of passion. You see, as an extremely passionate person myself, I am drawn to other people who are passionate about their trade. I don’t care what you do for a living….but be passionate about it and we’ll be fast friends. Unless, you do something unethical and weird….that doesn’t count. 😉

After spending a few minutes browsing their website, I was so impressed and inspired by what they’re doing!

They run a Small Rare Breeds Farm – their Farm offers a multitude of educational opportunities! They host school field trips, summer programs, etc! Anything to spread the word about their amazing Animals and conservation efforts! I don’t live on a Farm…I have chickens, rabbits….small time stuff. But Farming is SO important to us as family. We live in a small Farm town – it’s the very life of our community. But it’s never easy being a Farmer. It’s probably one of the toughest jobs out there. And what they’re doing with the Rare Breeds just makes them all the more special!


My second favorite part about this incredible Farm Family is their Country Store! This is how YOU can be involved in this amazing Farm….even if you’re not local to their Massachusetts Farm! Their Country Store is like stepping back into time just a bit. Homemade Preserves & Marmalade. Soaps. Etc! The Preserves can be found in Nana’s Pantry….I mean c’mon. Can you even handle how adorable and Country this is?!


Dalby Farm was SO sweet and sent me a few things to sample…..and OH MY GOODNESS. The scent of the soap hit me right outta the gate! It’s AMAZING! But the Blueberry Preserve is what totally sent me home! The Mason Jar packaging gives it that good ol’ country feel….and the flavor was definitely perfection!

When you purchase from Dably Farm Country Store, you’re not only supporting a Small Family Owned Business (which we all know how passionate I am about that!!), but you’re also helping to support the efforts of the Farm! Without Farms like this, not only do these Rare Breeds disappear, but the educational benefits for our kiddos also goes out the window!

I cannot recommend them enough! Next time you’re doing a little online shopping or looking for a unique gift, head to Dalby Farm and put your money towards something meaningful! 🙂

Oh! And they also surprised me with this adorable Reindeer Snack Bag!! My kids absolutely LOVED this and can’t wait to leave it for Santa’s Reindeer on Christmas Eve!


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    Ruth on January 18, 2017 Reply

    I just received my mystery crate and I really like it! The entire time I was unpacking it (6 items). I kept thinking that this is the first box that I have ordered that fits me perfectly. I’m pretty sure the handled box is genuinely old but what about the pig cutting board, the rolling pin, tray and I’m even unsure if the other 2 items are yarn theaders or small rolling pins. Please enlighten me! And just where did you find the crates? Thanks!

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