An Updated Home Tour – Part One

An Updated Home Tour – Part One

I figured it was LONG overdue for a updated Home Tour. I’ve been super sporadic with my Blog Posts the last couple of years and have only posted when the seasons change. (Blogger of the year goes to….).

I’ve been working on updating some of our décor and rooms to function better for our family…because at the end of the day, while pretty things make me happy, functionality is LIFE. It has to work for our chaotic lives…..which by the way are extremely chaotic.

I don’t stage and style a room just for a Blog photo shoot….what you see is what you get around here. Thus, it’s always livable. Also, why I rarely have place settings at my table. Who has time to clean off the pretty decorated table so you can sit down to eat or do homework? I surely don’t.

We’ll start with a little refresh of the Living Room & Family Room. The Family Room (shown first) is the room we hang out the most in. It’s right off the Kitchen, has the comfiest sofa in the world, and an abundance of seating for everyone! This room has come SO far in the last few years!

I moved things around in the Living Room this weekend to make it more….functional! That word. It’s my favorite. It seemed too cramped with the sofa where it was and just wasn’t working the way it could. I absolutely LOVE the new layout of the furniture. It’s so cozy and makes the itty bitty teeny tiny space feel just a smidge larger than it is.

We hang out in this room mostly in the mornings –  I have my coffee here everyday while the kids watch cartoons. Isn’t it weird how you do things the same day in and day out? We NEVER ever spend our mornings in the Family Room. I’ve never drank my coffee in there. The kids never watch their morning cartoons in there. Weird. I’ve never really thought about this until now and it’s basically blowing my mind how incredibly predictable we are.

Any way.

I gave the Living Room a tiny little Spring refresh – even though it’s literally snowing as I type this. Sigh.

Ok, that’s it for today! I’ll have another post up soon for the Kitchen and Dining Room….and then maybe my Office too!


3 thoughts on “An Updated Home Tour – Part One”

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    Kathy on March 12, 2018 Reply

    Like your white furniture but with my two dogs come in from outside muddy and wet it just wouldn’t work in our house. My couch is taupe and my rugs are a dog friendly beige and sage oriental type. I use a lot of white in accent pieces and dishes and will have to be happy with my neutrals.Enjoyed the tour and look forward to more.

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    JoAnne on March 13, 2018 Reply

    It all looks wonderful. You have created a cozy home for your family and I love that you have little routines like coffee and cartoons in the living room. These are the kinds of things your kids will always remember!

  • 3
    Betsy B. Adams on March 13, 2018 Reply

    Looks wonderful. I am always amazed when someone says “white” is so impractical. I have been in love with white through children and now grandchildren! Easiest to clean (Biz is my friend) and so much easier that colors. It’s also very calming for me. I’m an artist and I really like colors but not as the featured player in a room. It’s the perfect backdrop for pops of color and always open to change.

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