Balance in 2015

Balance inI don’t usually blog about this kind of stuff – and it’s probably not what most people who visit Repurposed Vintage DESIGN’s website want to read. But. I’m a self-proclaimed strong (aggressive is more like it) type A personality and that means I have a lot to say – and this is a great platform for me to say it all on. 🙂

I don’t get caught up in the New Year’s Resolution stuff. In fact, until today, I didn’t have any for the new year. Self development and personal growth are important to me 365 days a year. I am constantly evolving and reflecting on the person I am and who I want to be. That being said……today I was running errands and I got to thinking IF I was a resolution person, what would my resolution have been this year?

And it hit me.


I have none. I don’t mean literal balance. Although, I’m super clumsy and could probably use a little more of actual balance.

What I’m talking about is balance in my life. I am an “all or nothing” kind of person. To an obnoxious fault. When I’m “in” something, I live and breathe it. It consumes me. My business(es), my relationships, etc. I tend to hone in on one or two things, put my head down, and run. Nothing else exists. As one can imagine, this creates an enormous amount of stress on not only myself but my family. The things that suffer as a result of my extreme drive and focus sometimes creates an environment that isn’t conducive for my success. The “or nothing” part frustrates me. I quit my Photography business last summer because my Repurposed business took over my life and I simply cannot have something if it’s not my everything. I would like to be OK with having one successful business and another moderately successful (or even less than moderately) business.

This isn’t all negative though. My drive is something I’m thankful for. It pushes me to chase my dreams and work hard for them no matter what. My drive allows me to overcome obstacles and take risks.

So, I’ve decided that 2015 is my year to achieve balance.

To give myself permission to juggle multiple things in a healthy manner.

To not fear failure so much that I am able to walk away and say no.

There it is.

Oh! And I’m going to try and eat fewer cupcakes. Although, I’m not nearly as committed to that one.

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    Shawna on January 4, 2015 Reply

    I so can relate to the all or nothing [as evidenced by all of the unfinished projects in my house!] feeling. Balance is my One Little Word for this year. Read Ali Edwards blog ( to find out more. Also, Elise Blaha Cripe ( Fab creative blog that talks about balancing work, family, kids, and creativity. I wish you well in your year of balance!

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