Before & After’s 4 Years Later

Before & After’s 4 Years Later

Um. Whoa. Just wow. I randomly tried to get our ollllllld laptop on today to see if I could pull off some pcitures that I had lost when it crashed. Low and behold, she actually turned on! I started digging through the millions of pictures, and came across an album of pictures I took the day we closed on our house (4 years ago). Um. Totally speechless. I know that we’ve done a catrillion projects and updates, but when you SEE the original pictures, it’s pretty crazy.

I’ll start with the Sun Room. This is the sun room 4 years ago when we purchased our house.

Panel walls, ugly flooring, ugly window trim. Yuck. Not the greatest picture, but you get the idea.


This is the sunroom today. We painted the paneling before we even moved in. We put in carpet a few years ago. New lighting. And I painted ALL the trim in this room. A job I don’t ever care to do again. So much brighter don’t ya think?


Here is what is supposed to be the living room (we use it as our dining room/office/sitting area) 4 years ago.


Here it is today. Hello brighter prettier paint. I also painted the crown molding (it had been painted the same color as the walls). We extended and replaced the hearth and added a wood stove. We replaced the lights above the fireplace and added ceiling fan. That’s about it for this room.


Here is what is supposed to be the dining room, but we use it as our living room. Whoa.

house3 house2

Here it is today. I painted the ceiling, the walls, and the molding. We removed the cabinets separating the kitchen as well as the peninsula. Simple and easy DIY’s can completely transform a room.


The kitchen before (which I’ve shared before).


The kitchen now. The list is long for this room. We did a lot. I’ll leave it at that.


This is what our back patio looked like when we bought the house (plus a new roof which we did right after we moved in). I’m SO happy I found this picture. I could remember (for the most part) what all the inside rooms looked like before, but totally forgot about how much work we’ve put into the outside.


Here’s the back patio now. We extended the patio a bit for more seating, added new lighting, lots of furniture, and tons of plants.


Also, so happy I found this picture! This is our backyard before…..


And 4 years later…..

house12 house13

I just feel so blessed. This house was a dream come true for us. It’s sort of funny, when we walked through this house I didn’t see anything but beauty. This house was a direct gift from God at a time we needed it most. I didn’t walk through here anxious to change everything. It all happened gradually, as we got the money and the hankering to give things an update. I love this house so much and am so happy I found these pictures so I can always remember how hard we’ve worked on this place we love.

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