Brand New Dining Room

Brand New Dining Room

I haven’t much….errrr…..ANY time to decorate our house since I opened my Store 2 months ago. All of my decorating energy has been dumped into keeping the store pretty, which has been a blast…..but it has created one little problem. I’m in the pretty store all day, full of pretty furniture and pretty things…and then I come home and see my neglected house in it’s pitiful state.

So, a few weeks ago I decided enough was enough and someHOW, someWAY, I was going to make time to make the house pretty again. I started in the Dining Room…for no particular reason. Wait. That’s not true. I started in the Dining Room because of the Antique Buffet. It was originally at the store, but I felt like it would be happier at my house.


Keep in mind…my Dining Room isn’t actually a Dining Room. We are using the Dining Room as our Family Room – which is right off the Kitchen. This space is split in two and serves as our Dining Room and Living Room…..So that’s why there aren’t many walls. Or even space. It’s a very small, awkward little nook.

In order to make the Buffet work in my Dining Room, I needed a smaller table. My husband and I brainstormed our options and ultimately landed on a Round Table. It took me all of .03 seconds to decide what kind of round table I wanted. I have always LOVED antique round pedestal tables….but never ever thought I had a space that would work for one.

We found this round table at a cute little shop that I frequent. It’s beat up and rough….and just the way I like it. I gave it a few coats of oil to rejuvenate the wood and a good scrubbing….It had been stored outside so the dirt was plenty.

We used the same antique chairs we had around our last Farm Table….and I love them! I really loved styling the Buffet with some of my ironstone and other white dishes I’ve collected!


The Jute Rug is from Overstock!

The Two Tiered Tray, Cake Pedestal, Glass Rack, Crochet Pillow, and Giant Hobnail Planter are all from Gable Lane.

And that SIGN! Gah. It’s my favorite! My good friend Melissa from My Trusted Treasures made that sign for the store….but I took it before it sold. 🙂 You don’t have to know me long to know that Little House on the Prairie is my jam. See Melissa’s shop here to grab a sign for yourself!!


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