Christmas Tour 2016 Part 1

Christmas Tour 2016 Part 1

I really fought the urge to put up my trees on November 1st…It was just too soon. A week later, I couldn’t make myself get into it. Everything has to be JUST right. The weather. My mood. The magic has to be in the air…or I just can’t do it. Christmas decorating is serious. So finally about a week ago (mid November) it BIT me. Of course, I woke up with the worlds worst migraine, but I was ready to tackle it. Naturally, there’s no stopping me once it hits so I drugged myself up and went to work! (legal drugs people….)


This year I wanted to add another tree to the mix! Last year (which you can see here) I did two full size trees and a smaller 4 footer. I wanted to amp it up this year and do 3 full size trees with multiple smaller ones. Why am I telling you this? You don’t care….let’s just take the tour shall we?

Today we’ll look into my Family Room/Kitchen. Tomorrow we’ll do the Living Room, Dining Room & Office. Then Wednesday we’ll finish in our Master. Woot!

Last year my Family Room threw up plaid. Like. Everywhere. I loved it. But not enough to do it again this year. 🙂 I wanted something softer this year….and just less. Less of everything.


I just realized I never blogged the Brick addition! We added this Antique Mantle to the Family Room in August….it was great but something was missing. A few weeks ago, I added some Brick Paneling (you can pick this up at Home Depot) and then I used the German Schmear technique that Sawdust to Stitches did! You can see her tutorial here!

This Brick was EVERYTHING this room has been missing…and more! A total transformation!




I’m really obsessed with these Pillows from Gable Lane.  Love the texture and warmth they add!


I made a bunch of these Christmas Planter boxes last year to sell…..and then after Christmas I turned mine into an ottoman for my bedroom. Resourceful, yes. But it left me without a Tree box for this year. My husband was sweet enough to make me a new one for this year! Love love love love.



Loving the simplicity of everything in this room this year. Unstated is sometimes best.







The kitchen is also super simple compared to last year. I’ve always hung small wreaths on the cabinet doors and exploded Christmas all over the counters.


I simply added some green transferware plates to my open shelves and a couple of faux pine trees.


We REALLY love our Christmas mugs in this house….we have plenty of them. You can’t drink hot cocoa out of anything other than a Santa mug at Christmas time.



Although, everything is simple this year I’m really loving it! And in case you think that keeping things simple saves a lot of time. It doesn’t. I spent just as much time, if not more, decorating this year. Hmph.





  • Family Rug, Tall Floor Lamp – Ikea
  • Crocheted Pillows, Two Tiered Tray, Galvanized Metal Tray and all Garland – Gable Lane
  • Candles – 1820 House Candles (the worlds MOST AMAZING candles)


Thanks for stopping!! Check back tomorrow for Part 2!

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    Denise on November 29, 2016 Reply

    This is beautiful!!! I love it!!!

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