Christmas Tour 2016 – Part 2

Christmas Tour 2016 – Part 2

Today we shall take a stroll on the other side of the House. The combined Living/Dining Room and my Office!

If you saw yesterdays post – The Christmas Tour Part 1 then you saw that I am trying ever so hard to keep things simple this year. Which is difficult because last year I bought enough plaid Christmas decor to decorate the White House.


In the Dining Room the color was copper. And plaid. Just a smidge though. There’s also a hint of gold in the tree. Just a hint.

This is the first time the tree has ever been in this corner…and I gotta tell ya. I love it. It’s really cozy. The table is a little squished, but it works!




The sideboard is loaded with my usual white dishes!




On the Living Room side of the room, again with the simple. Are you bored yet? I did add in a splash of red with the throw!


My chalk art hasn’t improved at all in the last year. In case you were wondering. If you’re really really appalled by it, then it was done by my 7 year old. Not me.


My wooden nativity is by far my FAVORITE Christmas decor! When we first got married, all we could afford was this super (SUPER) cheap .98 cent nativity from Walmart…Which I still have…and I STILL put it out every year because it’s representative of our journey…..anyway. Years ago I was finally able to get this really nice, wooden nativity that I know I will cherish forever. Plus I love yelling “Put down Baby Jesus!!” when my curious son HAS to touch everything.




The Office got most of last years decor! Lots of Red…lots of it.


I’m referring to this tree as “The Everything but the Kitchen Sink Tree”. Because. Well, you get it. It’s super Farmy. The red/white buffalo check, cotton, and farm animals…I’m digging it.




The view from this room just might be my favorite! 🙂



I love incorporating things from my kids into our Christmas Decor! My daughter made this in preschool 6 years ago! I love it!



Tomorrow we’ll check out my Master! 🙂

Thanks for stopping!

6 thoughts on “Christmas Tour 2016 – Part 2”

  • 1
    kingsburybrookfarm on November 22, 2016 Reply

    Pinning! Pinning and pinning! I love your style and your Christmas tour is a real treat! Can’t wait to see your master bedroom tomorrow.

  • 2
    Julia Bettencourt on November 22, 2016 Reply

    Thoroughly enjoyed the entire Christmas tour! Love everything and I think it is especially sweet that you still put out your first nativity. Thanks for allowing us a peek into your lovely home.

  • 3
    Pamela Martin on November 23, 2016 Reply

    Love it all! Similar to the look that I am going for this year.

  • 4
    Sheryl on November 26, 2016 Reply

    I’m glad that you are incorporating some of your kids art. Our Christmas tree only had handmade ornaments and some shiny brite ornaments from my children. We have ornaments that my children and their children have made. Things that other family members made and they are no longer with us. I’m sure that they look down from heaven and smile that we are still using them after all of these years. These ornaments are more precious to us than gold.

  • 5
    Denise on November 29, 2016 Reply

    My jaw dropped the entire time looking at part 1 and part 2!! Wowzers!!! It is gorgeous!!! I absolutely love your farmhouse!!! Sorry for all the exclamations. I couldn’t contain myself. Lol

  • 6
    victoria taylor on December 21, 2016 Reply

    Dalby Farms, I know….. Do you live near? – love your style! – simple and comfortable. The porch and tree are so simple and lovely!

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