DIY Farmhouse Pitcher

11. November 2014 DIY 0

I have an obsession with farmhouse pitchers. Plain and simple. It’s a full-blown ‘wow she needs an intervention for her farmhouse pitcher obsession’ kind of obsession. The only problem? They can be hard to find. Annnnnnd when you DO find them, they can be pricey. And I don’t do pricey. Every once in a while I’ll snag some at an auction or flea market but most people know what they’re worth and that makes it hard for me to get my hands on them for cheap.

Until… glorious day I was in Hobby Lobby….and what day ISN’T glorious when you get to go to Hobby Lobby? But wait. It gets more glorious. I was cruising the glassware isle. And there it was. Simple glass pitchers. It hit me. Duh!!! I can paint these and use them along side my vintage pitchers and it’ll be AMAZING! Because if there’s one thing I know for sure in this life, it’s that you can’t have too many farmhouse pitchers. Even ones that aren’t really vintage. Shhhh. Who’s going to know?!

Simple Pitcher Before
                    Simple Pitcher Before

So. Here’s the skinny. These puppies are $8, but if you know anything about Hobby Lobby then you know you NEVER pay full price. Ever. Wait for it to go 50% off OR you can use a coupon. So I grabbed just one….I had to test this out before buying several. It was 50% off making it $4.

I had some soft butter cream spray paint at home…and I’ve been wanting a yellow pitcher for my entire life (or something like that) I gave her two coats of paint and it turned out absolutely perfect! It’s glossy and gorgeous and looks JUST like my vintage pitchers. You can’t even tell it’s just a cheap $4 pitcher right?

IMG_4746edit IMG_4748edit

So. Go buy you several, paint them different colors, or paint them all white, and display them on some shelves or in your china cabinet…or anywhere! They’re so perfect!

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