DIY Office Desk & New Antique Chairs

15. September 2016 Design 3
DIY Office Desk & New Antique Chairs

It’s not been all that long since I completely redid my home Office….we added shiplap, a large Farmhouse desk, vintage filing cabinet, etc…..While everything was great and lovely, the ginormous desk drove me nuts! It was too big and took up far too much space.


I loved the style of the desk (if you don’t recall, we took an old barn door and attached it to a pair of vintage saw horses), I just needed a smaller version of it. I spent an afternoon searching Antique stores for a smaller Farmhouse desk that would wow me, but had no luck. Then it hit me like a brick over the head. Build a new top for the saw horses Jennifer. Duh. I always get there, but sometimes it takes me a minute. Insert eye rolling emoji.




So, that’s what I did. A new top for the saw horses, and then I opted to paint the saw horses the same color as the top.


I also added this pair of Comb Back Windsor Chairs. I spotted them at an Antique Store….actually I got them the day I was searching for a new desk! I literally died when I saw them. This is my absolute ALL TIME FAVORITE style chair. I approached them ever so slowly anticipating a ridiculously high price tag….hoping, praying, for the best. Then I died again when I saw they were only $22 each. Like, pick me up off the floor, dead. I held my poker face though in hopes I could haggle a few bucks off the price! My Dad should be proud.


I love how the chairs look in this room! And I love the smaller Desk!



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3 thoughts on “DIY Office Desk & New Antique Chairs”

  • 1
    Valerie on September 15, 2016 Reply

    Such a creative idea for the desk…love it. Your decor on the shelves look amazing!

  • 2
    Sue on September 15, 2016 Reply

    I love your space, and your great idea for the desk. The windsors are beautiful. I do have one question, though. Where is your computer or laptop? Thanks for sharing!

  • 3
    Ellenann on September 28, 2016 Reply

    The desk is wonderful and I’m absolutely in love with the chairs!💕💕

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