DIY Sink Curtain Skirt

08. October 2015 Design, DIY 2
DIY Sink Curtain Skirt

I fear that one day I’ll run out of things to do around my house…..Nah. That’ll never happen. I’ll just REdo everything I’ve already done.

I stayed up way late one night this week – and you know what they say. Nothing good happens after Midnight. There was nothing good on TV so I turned to Pinterest. An hour later, a project was born.


I’m pretty happy with all the updates we’ve made to the kitchen. It’s one of my favorite spaces in the house. What’s one more improvement?

I really really love sink skirts. I honestly don’t know why it never occurred to me to make one sooner. It just never did.


There I sat at 12:30 AM measuring my cabinets and figuring out the best way to hang this curtain. I ultimately decided that I would mount the curtain rod on the outside of the cabinets and use ring curtain hanger thingys (I know, I’m so professional) to hang the curtain. I’ve seen under mounted curtains when a farmhouse sink is involved and I love that look too. However, I don’t have a farmhouse sink. Sad face. Although, I dreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam of having one someday. And someday, it WILL happen. And WHEN that day comes, perhaps I’ll move the curtain.

Until then, this is how I’m doing it.


I was very careful in selecting my fabric. I didn’t want it to look “frenchy”. I love French farmhouse décor, LOVE, I do…..but that’s not my style or my house. I needed it to scream “I’M A FARMHOUSE!”. What screams farmhouse more than ticking? Nothing. Ticking embodies everything farmhouse. I chose a thick duck cloth blue/white ticking from Hobby Lobby. I also picked up a small curtain rod while there (a whopping $4!!).

IMG_9688 IMG_9695edit

I measured and cut the two different pieces and then hemmed the edges. I mounted the rod brackets where I wanted them and then just hung the curtains with the ring thingys. I really love the final look.

It may not scream Farmhouse, but hopefully its giving a loud whisper.

IMG_9675edit IMG_9701edit IMG_9700edit IMG_9676edit

*My appliances are mismatched at the moment because our ‘not-even-old-at-ALL’ fridge quit working a couple months ago, so we decided to start upgrading to stainless……slowly. Like maybe one appliance per year. If we’re lucky. Good thing we only have two. Ha!*

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2 thoughts on “DIY Sink Curtain Skirt”

  • 1
    Wendy Durnwald on October 8, 2015 Reply

    Love it !!!! I have a red ticking stripe like it that hides my small appliances!

  • 2
    Cheryl on October 9, 2015 Reply

    Love the fabric!

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