Farmhouse Friday Favorites

Farmhouse Friday Favorites

Sadly, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve done my Farmhouse Friday. Life gets silly busy sometimes doesn’t it? Well, it’s back this week and I’m so excited!!

This week is all about unique flower containers!! I’m planting all my containers this weekend since the weather is FINALLY warming up here. I LOVE repurposing anything and everything (this isn’t news to most of you, I’m sure) so I thought I would focus on some fun and creative ways to plant flowers around your yard and house! I already have a collection of galvanized buckets, oil cans, and some cedar window boxes I made but I’ve been inspired to expand my containers!

ContainerI don’t exactly have room for a bathtub in my backyard…..but I still love this. A lot. Image via: Flickr


My friend Becky just posted this incredible herb garden she made from an old metal card catalog! Isn’t it amazing?! See more here!

An old dresser, turned into a planter!

Another incredible piece of furniture repurposed into a planter. I just love this so much! See more here.

Uses for old shutters , clever !! Hang potted plants with a DIY shutter. More ideas @BrightNest Blog

I absolutely LOVE this! I actually have an old shutter on my patio now that I could do this with…..hmmmmmm. 🙂 Image via: Pinterest

Fabulous idea of what to do with all the old well pulleys up for sale on ebay, etc!!

How great is this? Using a pulley to hang some fun pots? And the ash bucket….LOVE! See more here!

Love the "green house" container

I love the idea of using a terrarium without the glass and letting the flowers pour out of it. Hmmmmm…….Maybe I need to make another one out of frames so I can do this. 🙂 Image via: Pinterest

» 5 tips to get your veggie garden started » Spatula Magazine

Whiskey or wine barrels are one of my favorite kinds of planters. I have one that I absolutely love! Image via: Pinterest

Wooden items such as architectural pieces salvaged from an old building such as mantels,‘gingerbread’ trim and paneling make awesome shabby chic plant containers.

A huge terrarium made from windows? Yes, please! Image via: pinterest.

Now, I’m even more excited to get my containers done this weekend!!!

Have a great weekend!




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