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If you’re an Entrepreneur (or perhaps dream of being one!) you will want to consider joining my private Business Coaching Facebook Group! Members of this group receive Monthly Trainings on topics like: Social Media Marketing, Starting a Website, Email Lists, Shipping Products, Blogging, Photography,  and So much more!

This Private Group is a place you can ask Business questions and get answers from not only myself, but other experienced Entrepreneurs!

You’ll find that having a community of like minded Entrepreneurs will provide enormous support and motivation in your Business! With the Coaching and Training, you’ll watch your business grow!

You might be wondering what makes me qualified?

I have been an Entrepreneur for 7 years now! I’ve worked in Network Marketing where I was at Second in the Nation in my Company. I grew a team of hundreds of people and helped them duplicate my success.

I’ve been Blogging on The Willow Farmhouse for three years now!

I currently own my own Company, Gable Lane, where we sell Trending Home Décor online as well as in our Brick & Mortar. I have experience with growing an email list to the tens of thousands, procuring product, shipping product, building a website from scratch, and so much more!

I have a passion for helping women chase their dreams and find their Success!! I’d LOVE the opportunity to help you!

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