Gorgeous China Cabinet Makeover


Ok. So I found this piece in ALL its glory at one of my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore’s. If you have one, you NEED to check it out and OFTEN. They are  constantly getting donations and new stuff in so you have to go regularly. Sometimes you’ll find absolutely nothing, but other time’s you’ll hit the antique furniture

I hit the jackpot this day.

Oh, did I mention it was only $49? I told you. Jack. Pot.

Overall, it was in really good condition. The top half is pristine, but the bottom had some decent knicks and scratches, but it has the original hardware, which makes my soul sing.

I didn’t really have to think long about what I was going to do with it. She was born to be a distressed black

We got her home and I got right to work. Literally. We got her home on a Saturday at 3:30 in the afternoon and I had her (pretty much) finished by 8:30 that night.
My family worries for me. You probably should too.

I’ll break down my process in case you’re dying to know.

I gave her a good sanding to rough up the finish. She had a glossy coating so that had to go.

After cleaning up the sawdust which was EVERYWHERE….did I mention I was doing this in my Living Room?…..then I began painting. I mixed up my chalk paint. I make my own. I’ll do a post someday about that. I could tell you now, I guess. But this could be a good lesson in patience for you. 🙂

She only took 2 coats which I did back to back. The chalk paint dries so fast, by the time I finished coat one I was able to go back to where I started and do coat #2.

The second coat didn’t take long to dry. But dagburnit all, I fell asleep on the couch. Painting really tuckers a gal out. So, distressing would have to wait til morn.

First thing the next morning, and I mean FIRST thing the next morning. Like before 8:00 AM. Before I even had breakfast. I distressed her and spray painted all her hardware a flat black.

An hour later she was ready to be loaded up on the trailer and head up to the store! But. I love her so much. How can I part with thee?

So….I did what any reasonable and sane person would do and I took all the furniture out of my dining room to make room for her.

Here she is. I think we’ll be happy together. Well, until I bring home something more awesome and she gets replaced. It’s a hard life being a piece of furniture  around here.


Before - Ignore my awesome reflection
Before – Ignore my awesome reflection







2 thoughts on “Gorgeous China Cabinet Makeover”

  • 1
    crissaclark on October 20, 2014 Reply

    Love this……super job!

  • 2
    onnie on April 28, 2015 Reply

    You make me smile and some times laugh out loud, thank you for that. Lots of love, Grandma Filippi

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