Got Dreams?!


As you know, I am the Founder and Owner of Gable Lane. I am also the owner of this-here Blog. Obviously. I wanted to pop in here real quick and tell you about a new Community on Facebook I’m working on!

I wanted to create a place for like minded Entrepreneurs who are in the same boat as me! Folks who have dreams, work hard and want to support and encourage each other in pursuit of it all!

This community will be chalk full of tips, advice, and positivity as you chase your dreams and build your business!

If any of the following apply to YOU…then you probably want to strongly consider joining: 

+ If you’re a Blogger, Interior Decorator, Painter, Sign Maker, Store Owner, Home Stager, Designer…..the list goes ON!

+ If you enjoy making and working with pretty things.

+ If you have dreams for your business.

+ If you dream of one day having your own business….but aren’t quite there yet.

+ If you need help growing your business. Or everyday encouragement….because let’s face it…it’s HARD!

If any of those apply to YOU….then you NEED to join this group!

Here’s what you do:

There is a small $35/month membership fee to be a part of this Community. To join, please email  Once we receive your email, we will get you set up and then let the learning and growing begin!!


What Say You!