I Got A Package From Joanna Gaines….

03. October 2017 Design 1
I Got A Package From Joanna Gaines….

Last week I came home to a big ol’ box on the porch from Joanna Gaines…..ok, well so maybe not her directly. But from her team of people. Specifically, her Paint team!

She recently released her a new Chalk Paint line and they were super sweet and sent me a ton of really great items from this new product line!

Here’s what I received:

  • A cool wooden crate!
  • A quart of Paint in the color Shiplap. Helloooooo beautiful!
  • A sanding Block
  • Two waxes: Clear and Dark!
  • FOUR Paint Brushes!
  • An Apron
  • A Magnolia Tote
  • Chip & Jo’s Book – SIGNED!  Woot!
  • The Paint swatches (so so cute!)
  • A Card from Jo!

Whew. They surely didn’t hold back! It was so fun going through the box and seeing all the great stuff! It probably won’t surprise you that I opened up the paint within 1.3 minutes of opening the box.

It also won’t surprise you that I had the brush IN the paint within 2.5 minutes of opening the box.

And if all that doesn’t surprise you, then it won’t surprise you that I’ve already used the entire quart. Haha!

I knew right away what I was going to do with it!




Repaint my Brick fireplace! This is the THIRD time I’ve painted it y’all. Three times. THREE. I hated it the first time. Then again the second time. And for the last two years I’ve just pretended the fireplace isn’t there. I don’t see it. It’s ugly.

Shiplap was the PERFECT color for this project……so perfect that perhaps I got carried away. Me? Never.

I also decided to go ahead and paint the wood Mantle while I was at it. And let me tell you. .Best. Decision. Ever.

I LOVE all the white! Me & Jo would be friends.  Overall, I’m so happy to finally say that I really like the Fireplace again! Well, not again. I never liked it. Even pre-paint.

Well, I’m off to sit down with a cup of Joe and my new book! Thanks for stopping by!!

What you do guys think?! Have you tried Jo’s new paint line yet?! What colors do you love?!

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    Becky on October 3, 2017 Reply

    Wow! What a nice surprise. Your fireplace looks great. I have not tried any of their paints yet but I just might have to.

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