Look What’s New In The Living Room/Dining Room!

Look What’s New In The Living Room/Dining Room!

I really love Cows. Apparently.

Its something that has sort of evolved over time. It’s funny how your Décor style changes,  isn’t it?  Six years ago every wall in my house was tan. Now, every wall is White. I had a plethora brown furniture, rugs, and pillows. I liked Brown.  A lot. I certainly wasn’t one to decorate with Farm Animals. However, I did go through a Dog phase many moons ago. I had Labrador Paintings everywhere.

Over the years, I’ve really honed in on my Style and the feeling I want my home to have.  And apparently that involves Livestock, because they keep appearing in my shopping carts. Who knew. I’m pretty sure I have a Cow related object in most rooms of my house now. 🙂

Anyway, after disliking this room for about a month now (ever since I did the Sofa Swap…this room has been a sad sad state!) I spent a few hours styling and decorating both sides of this room (it’s part Living Room, part Dining Room…a very odd layout, no doubt!) I added this little desk and chair in front of the window. I’d like to believe my kids will do their homework here. Doubtful….but hopeful. I also moved the big white cabinet that was blocking my Chalkboard wall! I just couldn’t come up with anything fun to write, so it’s still blank. Got ideas? Let me know!


On the other side of this room is our Dining Room….that we never use. My kitchen is TINY so I do use the Buffet for a ton of storage….but other than that. This is the most useless room in our house!

The White Cabinet is now on this side of the room……housing my ridiculous collection of milking stools and pedestals. I have a thing. Obviously.

It’s coming along though, don’t you think!? For now….emphasis on “now”…I’m happy with it! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Look What’s New In The Living Room/Dining Room!”

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    Betsy Adams on August 16, 2017 Reply

    I have just started to follow your blog and love it. Love your cow painting and the stools. I am also in love with cows all of a sudden. I am an artist and have become obsessed with painting cows recently. They have sweet faces! Who knew! I am a shabby chic, all white gal when it comes to decorating so I love your house. The thing I love about all my white slipcover a & painted things, is that I can move them all over the house and they look great. Always able to repurpose a piece. You certainly have a gift for design and we share a love of cows. Look forward to keeping up with you. Betsybadams@gmail.com

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    Sarah on August 17, 2017 Reply

    Where is the cow picture from- love it !!!!

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