Master Bedroom Reveal

23. February 2016 Design 6
Master Bedroom Reveal

IMG_1065editThis feels as though it’s been a LONG TIME comin’. By far, the longest project we’ve taken on yet. I feel like it was worth the wait though (even if it was miserably frustrating living in a construction zone for a month). It all started when one Saturday afternoon I put a hammer through my daughters wall to see “what was behind the plaster”. My husband and I had been talking for a while about possibly ripping her wall down and making one big Master. So, there we were discussing the likely possibilities of what was behind the 100 year walls. I said aloud “I’m just going to punch a small hole and see what’s back there….” My husband knows after 12 years of marriage not to stop me. The problem that I found myself in once I got a good solid hole started…..was……that I couldn’t stop. The plaster started pulling off, and it was like popping bubble wrap. I. Could. Not. Stop.

So. I kept going. Until the dust got into my lungs and I ran off crying like a baby. Then my handy husband and neighbor took over and finished.

So begins the fun part!

I love how you THINK you know what you want… have a solid plan. This is what my plan looked like:

  • Shiplap the back wall where our bed will now go.
  • A rod iron or metal bed of some kind.
  • Purchase really bold, bright, and LOUD area rugs.
  • Paint everything white.

Of that original plan, I stuck to ONE thing. One, friends. One. I painted all the walls white. Everything else changed. I slowly began finding pieces that I wanted to incorporate and the entire plan just evolved from there.

And let me tell you! Am I so glad it did. Our new room is even more than I could’ve ever imagined. I’m so love with this space. It’s also a great reminder that you can buy as you go, and just adjust when needed.


Please check out the FULL list of souces at the bottom of this post!



It all started when I purchased this bed from Funky Junk Boutique. My love for antiques won in the bed battle. So, I knew I no longer wanted shiplap now… I was legitimately concerned that it would it be a repeat of the “hole in the wall”. Once I start, I would want to shiplap the whole room, then the whole house. And I don’t have time for such things. After some late night ponderings, it was decided that I would wallpaper the back wall! Something loud and bold, and vintage inspired. I found an amazing company to work with (really an A+ review from me!!). I got my wallpaper in what seemed like record time! It was fairly easy to put up, but don’t ask for me a tutorial, because I’m not an expert.

IMG_1058edit IMG_1064edit IMG_1073edit

Once, the bed and wallpaper were in everything just fell into place. In short, I found this really cool picture at Goodwill which gave everything an English Country motif that I was in love with. This led to neutral rugs, white curtains, and some additional antique dressers and accents.

IMG_1066edit IMG_1062edit IMG_1063edit IMG_1073edit IMG_1075edit

I knew early on that we would install a faux barn beam where the existing wall was. We used some old reclaimed fence slats for the beam.

IMG_1060edit IMG_1063edit IMG_1041edit IMG_1035edit

I attempted to deconstruct a chair for the “new” side of the room. I wouldn’t recommend ever trying such a thing. I’ll leave it at that. I reupholstered it with a painters drop cloth. Remember the Christmas Tree boxes I was making back at Christmas time? I used one of those to make an ottoman. I used Miss Mustard Seeds white wax and covered the top with the drop cloth as well.


IMG_1057edit IMG_10314edit IMG_1055edit

My bedding worked with the new room (since it’s white) but my friend Jenni from The Vintage Songbird made me this AMAZING body pillow!! She’s offering you guys 15% off through March 1st! (code: THEWILLOWFARMHOUSE15) Hurry over and order one of her gorgeous grain sack body pillow covers!

IMG_1028edit IMG_1026edit IMG_1014edit

IMG_1062edit IMG_1053edit IMG_1043edit IMG_1009edit IMG_1000edit IMG_1006edit IMG_1005edit

Here’s a full list of Sources:

  • Jute Natural Fiber Rugs : Overstock
  • Grainsack Body Pillow & Pillow on Chair : The Vintage Songbird (Use code THEWILLOWFARMHOUSE15 to save 15%)
  • Antique Bed, Black Dresser, Vanity : Funky Junk Boutique
  • Full Length Mirror: Home Depot
  • Stripe Throw  :  Marshall’s
  • Wallpaper :  Wallpaper Direct
  • Vanity Mirror :  Target
  • Lamps   : Target
  • Paint  :   Benjamin Moore White Dove

Thanks so much for stopping!!




6 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Reveal”

  • 1
    Marie Hoke on February 23, 2016 Reply

    Oh my! It is Gorgious!! Love it All.!!!! Love the picture above your bed! Love this better than Shabby Chic!! This is a Timeless Beauty!! You’ve inspired me to do something like this! Hehe! I seen a picture like that at a thrift store and was going to get it to go with my vintage riding hat! BUT I second guessed myself and didn’t get it! 😬 Well keep us posted on any new ideas! 😉
    Sincerely, Marie

  • 2
    Cheryl on February 24, 2016 Reply

    Love the black and white with pops of red. Perfect!

  • 3
    Cindy on February 28, 2016 Reply

    Absolutely gorgeous! Perfection to the smallest detail. Your room feels very calming and restful.

  • 4
    Gayle on March 24, 2016 Reply

    Hi Jennifer, Can you please tell me the name of the wallpaper you have in your bedroom. I love it and would like to order it. Thank you.

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