Eight Easy Farmhouse DIY’s

Eight Easy Farmhouse DIY’s

I recently had to answer a lot of questions about all the DIY projects we’ve done around our house (I’ll tell ya why soon!). And It made me realize that I’ve never really sat back and thought about all the updates and DIY furniture/decor we’ve made since buying our house. There have been SO many…..I decided to blog about my top 8 DIY projects we’ve done!


Our Master Bedroom. (2016)

This is a more recent project, so you’re probably familiar with it. We renovated our 4 bedroom home into a 3 bedroom home and gave us a large Master retreat! This was our first experience demoing a wall! It started out fun….but an hour into it when my lungs clogged with plaster dust and 3 inches of dust all covered the house, I second guessed my decision…… The end result was totally worth it though. You can see the original reveal post here. 

Bedroom6 Bedroom7 IMG_1045edit IMG_1053edit


My Pallet Garden Fence (2015)

I realllllllllllllly wanted a pretty fenced in garden area. Something out of The Secret Garden. But my budget of zero dollars wasn’t cooperating. I surfed the dark black hole that is Pinterest, and found a photo of someone who used Pallets to create a fence! Duh! Genius! A local warehouse is always throwing out pallets, so I was able to get all the pallets I needed for free! I drilled them into the ground using extra long sturdy stakes and then nailed them together using cross boards. We added the used gate, flower bed, and chicken wire along the inside to keep the pesky rabbits out! I couldn’t love it more! You can see the original post here. 

IMG_2000 IMG_7513


Shiplap Office (2016)

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of my eight favorite DIY’s involves shiplap. Of course it involves shiplap! My Office is in our Sun room – lots of natural light, perfect in size…..but had cheap wood paneling walls. Shiplap was the most ideal solution for creating my Farmhouse Office! $60 in lumber, my favorite color paint, my trusty nail gun and I was ready to go! We accomplished this project in an afternoon (minus the paint)! Listen….Shiplap is absolutely the easiest and most cost-effective way to completely transform a space! The room is totally fresh, and totally farmhouse!

IMG_5429 IMG_5481 IMG_1893edit



DIY Pottery Barn Clock (2015)

Every time I post a picture of this clock on Instagram I get lots of questions about where I got it. Well, I made it! I wanted an extra-large clock, but didn’t love the options that were in my budget. It made sense to just make one! I did a full tutorial you can see here! 

IMG_1836edit IMG_1844edit


Original Farmhouse Sink (2016)

We took our kitchen back in time and reinstalled the original farmhouse sink that the house was built with. You can read the full story about the sink HERE! Installing this sink was one of our hardest DIY’s, but probably the most rewarding!


#6   (2015)

DIY Reclaimed Wood Chalkboard

Using old reclaimed wood to create this wall chalkboard was REALLY easy! Anyone can do this, and it adds SO much to a space!! When you tire of it, take down the wood and paint over the chalk paint! You can see the original post here! 




DIY Farmhouse Table

One of my FAVORITE ways to build a Farmhouse table is to use an old Barn Door for the top! With some very basic carpentry skills you can build the apron, and attach the legs! Very little skill needed and it creates an authentic looking Farmhouse table!! For the legs on this table, I purchased a newer “farmhouse style” table on Craigslist for $50 and painted them white to match the barn door. This is our 2nd Barn Door Table, and I’m obsessed! (The other one is in my office)

Dining2 IMG_1883edit IMG_1880edit


DIY Board & Batten Wall (2016)

This is another recent project….and another SUPER easy DIY. For around $35 in lumber I created an amazing accent board & batten accent wall in my Dining Room. I opted to paint the entire room one color, but I still love the texture and warmth the boards bring to the space! You can see the original post here! 



There you have it! My 8 favorite DIY projects we’ve done so far! Five years ago when we bought this house, we had ZERO DIY experience. We took one project on at a time and googled everything we didn’t know! 😉 We’ve slowly been able to update our house to fit our style and the era of the home on a small budget!

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  • 1
    Karen on June 17, 2016 Reply

    Your pictures are great and I love your rooms! Especially love the shiplap, your sink (grew up with one like that at my grandmothers) and the doorknob on your table made me laugh. The picture with the chair and ottoman in your bedroom made me want to curl up there with a book! Thank you for sharing.

  • 2
    Marilyn on June 17, 2016 Reply

    Everything is fabulous, thanks for sharing!

  • 3
    Sian on June 17, 2016 Reply

    Beautiful post . I look forward to trying out some of your great ideas

  • 4
    Adrien Walker on July 19, 2016 Reply

    Luv luv luv the restored farm sink. Even the doggie fits in perfectly in your cozy retreat. Thanks for the swoon.

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