New Beginnings…..In The Dining Room

22. October 2015 Design 3
New Beginnings…..In The Dining Room

Judging by the title, you thought this was going to be a very profound post, didn’t you? Well. It’s not exactly life changing, unless you’re my dining room. My dining room has had a rebirth of sorts and she’s pretty stoked about it.


The overall layout of this room is frustrating. It’s the largest room in the house and I’ve always felt like I’m losing so much valuable space because of its lay out. The entire room is literally all windows, doors, and a giant fireplace. All of these things are gravy, but it makes arranging furniture a bloody nightmare. The first 4-ish years we lived here, this room was our main living room. I probably rearranged it 14,948 times. There was no functional way to place the furniture. Well, then I expanded my kitchen and moved  my living room to the other side of the house….and this humungously long room became the dining room. This week after continuing to be frustrated with how this space works, I rearranged it. Again. According to my FitBit I took 3,500 steps while moving all this furniture around. Who needs to work out when you can just play with your furniture? I dig it.


Allow me to introduce you to the new dining room. The table, for the first time ever is front and center, rather than being to one side of the room (I’ve tried the table on both sides). I think it’ll make it easier to actually SIT at the table. It was a tight squeeze before.

IMG_9896edit IMG_9850


That opened up the back corner of the room for my antique railroad station bench and a little farmhouse coffee table. A little coffee nook if you will. And I will. Better believe I will.

IMG_9873edit IMG_9867edit

The armoire didn’t move. Which is good because she’s a beast. At Christmas I’ll put my tree right in front of that window next to the armoire. I. Am. So. Excited. And then I will sit on my bench next to my woodstove and tree and bask in the magic of Christmas and all it’s joyousness and splendor.

IMG_9930edit IMG_9922edit IMG_9865edit IMG_9850 IMG_9910edit

I went outside and stole this little garden bench (which with my luck is probably full of termites or some other wood boring insect that will infest my house). It looks super cute along this wall though.

IMG_9876edit IMG_9851edit

My desk is on the other side of the table…..which doesn’t really serve a purpose other than giving me a place to throw all the unwanted bills.


I really love the room this way. Maybe more than I ever have. The table being centered helps eat up a lot of the otherwise empty floor space that this room always exudes.

IMG_9901edit IMG_9925EDIT IMG_9881edit IMG_9886edit

Have a great rest of your week!!



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