New Décor Finds

17. February 2015 Design 3
New Décor Finds

Pickin’ in the winter in NE Ohio isn’t quite the same as the summer time pickin. It’s cold. And more often than not, there’s a foot of snow on the ground. But a pickers gotta do what a pickers gotta do.

And despite our HORRIBLY WRETCHED weather lately, I scored a pretty decent haul last week. I’ve been wanting something new and big for above my couch. Something grand, with a lot of wow and pizzaz.  I was SO excited when I came across this enormous window at an antique store. And BONUS. It’s CHIPPY!!

IMG_5955editedit IMG_5956edit

I wasn’t exactly in the market for a new coffee table, but sometimes these things just fall into your lap and you can’t walk away from them. It was a crazy good deal. Just too good to walk away from.

I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to paint it or keep it as is. I absolutely LOVE the way it is. It’s so beat up and aged. But I could also picture painted white and heavily distressed. Sigh. Decisions.

IMG_5962edit IMG_5958editIMG_5957edit

I am always always always looking for vintage crates and boxes. I have so many. I love them. I saw this big wooden box with these really cool rusty, distressed handles and knew it would be PERFECT for my living room. I previously had all my blankets on a wooden ladder, but decided this box would be great for storing them in with my grain sack pillows!

IMG_5965edit IMG_5963edit


That’s it for today!! Hopefully a little inspiration for your next day of pickin!


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