New Dining Table

22. September 2015 Design, DIY 1
New Dining Table

Hey! It’s been over two months since I’ve posted anything to my blog. Yikes. It was an intentional (necessary) break from blogging. My youngest started school last month, and it sort of left me like a lost little puppy dog. I am still seeking direction on my life and where/what I will do now. But, in the meantime I figured I would blog a little and pass some time. I really love to blog, and I’ve missed it so I’m excited to be back today with a new post!

And it’s a doozy.


I’ve had a number of dining room tables in the 4.5 years we’ve lived in our house. I change tables like some change underwear. It doesn’t hurt when you can build your own tables. For a long time I’ve wanted something totally authentic and original. Farm tables have become all the rage lately, and I’m not a rage decorator. I like my individuality and so does my house. While, I really love the farm table trend – I realllllllllly find myself drawn to old primitive farm tables. Like, real ones. Not the ones I build with brand new lumber. I dream of having something like this: (Photo: Pinterest)


Being an antique dealer and around antiques all the time, I know full well how pricey these tables can be. And they should be! They’re over 100 years old! Unfortunately for this lady, that’s out of the budget of zero dollars.

After building another table and trying with all my might to make it LOOK like it was a hundred years….and failing, I decided to go another route.

Enter my barn door table. My house is almost 100 years old and in our basement we have several beautiful old barn doors that separate all the different rooms. I’ve already taken one down for my living room. I decided to remove another door (who needs doors in their basement anyway?!) and use it as a table top for my new table. It’s authentically old and beautiful. I considered using hand turned legs for the base, but decided that wouldn’t give me the look I really wanted. I remembered this pair of old rustic saw horses I have sitting out in my potting shed and knew instantly that would be the perfect base.

IMG_9174edit IMG_9170edit IMG_9168edit IMG_9163edit


We had to trim them up a bit because they were too wide for the door. Once that was done, we sunk a few screws through the top of the door into the saw horses. I took two of my wicker chairs from my patio and gave them a coat of spray paint and added four other mismatched chairs. For literally $0 I was able to create this one of a kind, totally original table. I’m in love. I’m on the hunt for the perfect rug for this space now.

IMG_9159edit IMG_9162edit IMG_9154edit IMG_9153edit

Thanks for stopping! Stay original folks. 🙂


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    Denise on January 22, 2016 Reply

    Oooooh, I love your dining room table! How original! You are a fantastic decorator…so many great ideas!

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