Our New Farmhouse Table

I haven’t posted anything on this site about our farm tables yet…..So today’s the day!

My husband built me this amazing farm table over a year ago! I was DYING to have one, but the price tags…..barf…..so I convinced him he is more than skilled enough to build me one!

My first farm table!

It turned out awesome!

We lived happily together (the table and I) for a year and then one day I decided I wanted a different look. Which I do frequently so this was no surprise to my husband when I asked him to build me another one. By now he’s built several and he’s an old pro.


This time around I wanted a wider, nearly 4 feet table and just a smidge shorter. The great thing about your husband building tables is I can completely customize what I want. 🙂

I wanted a darker top. And white distressed legs.

We sold my table on Sunday, and because my husband didn’t want to listen to me whine, I had my new table built by Sunday night! What? I know. He’s amazing. photoSo, here it is almost completed. AMAZING. I got the legs at an auction….they’re from an olllllld rope bed.

Here’s the finished product! I’m totally in love with it. He hasn’t built the bench yet, I’m giving him a day or two to rest. I have something way cool planned for the bench though, so I’ll post when it’s done!! IMG_4466edit IMG_4470edit IMG_4471edit IMG_4475editFor information on having a custom farmhouse table built please email jypolley@gmail.com


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