Vanity Transformation

  ¬† I picked up this vanity at an auction. The feet sold me. Pure awesomeness. It was in pretty good condition, but the overall look of her isn’t what’s in style today, so she needed a makeover. I sanded her down for what seemed like hours. Actually, it might’ve been literally¬†hours. I opted for ...

$10 Open Shelves

13. October 2014 DIY 0
Let’s talk about shelves, shall we? I spend an embarrassing amount of time on Pinterest scrolling my way through the dreamy pictures of everything farmhouse and delightful! One of my favorite pinterest pastimes is to drool over farmhouse kitchens. Especially ones with gorgeous open shelving. The possibilities of that extra storage and more importantly, the ...

Welcome to the NEWER Blog

13. October 2014 Wreaths 0
So after spending 3,284 hours creating my blog, I somehow…..cringe…….locked myself out of my OWN blog.¬† Even my hosting site can’t figure out what I’ve done. I’m seriously THAT amazing y’all. So. Without further a due. Welcome to the newer blog. (Rocks in fetal position sucking thumb).