Seasons & Transitions

Seasons & Transitions

I consider myself tremendously blessed to be a stay at home Mom. While it has come with an enormous amount of sacrifices, hard work and struggle, the blessings certainly outweigh it all. The season of my life the last 9 years has been one of loneliness at times. If you’re a stay at home Mom, you relate. Your life is controlled by nap times and feedings, and your purse is always full of cracker crumbs. Always.  The life isn’t glamorous, you never wear real pants or wash your hair. You rely on reality tv watching nap times with cookie gorging to get you through the day sometimes. You cry when your husband calls and says he’ll be working late. But with every passing minute, day, week, month……that season transitions. Just like summer doesn’t last forever (wahhhhhhh) the same is true for the seasons of our lives. They come, and they go.



This fall I will send my youngest to Kindergarten. Swallows lump in throat. I had my eldest when I was 21. I’ve been a stay at home Mom the majority of my adult life. It’s truly all I know. I’ve discovered who I am as an individual while raising babies. My hobbies, passions, and interests came to me as a result of my desperate need for “me time”. Those passions have become a business and have helped define me as a person…..the person beyond the Mom.


This season of my life has an expiration date. My kids aren’t babies anymore. They are independent and becoming more self-sufficient everyday. Although my purse is still full of cracker crumbs, my life looks so different today than it did just a few years ago. This season is transitioning into the next one. Which leads me to the suffocating, scary reality of……..what do I do now?


I am a Stay at home Mom. Sure, I have a business and a blog. But. I’m a stay at home Mom before any of that.  I may not be consumed by dirty diapers and nap times anymore, and even though he’s so independent…..he’s always here. With me. Every minute of everyday.


My sole purpose for everything up until this point has been living, breathing, and functioning through the chaos for those kids. Packing them both up and sending them off to school for the day leaves me with an emptiness that I can’t get a grip on. My purpose doesn’t change, I’ll still live and breathe for these humans…..but the letting go part isn’t so appealing.


I remind myself everyday that it’s ok for this season to go because a new season will come. And this season, while it looks different, it will also be met with a lot of adventure and fun. That’s the thing about seasons. We love summer, and we hate to see it go…..but Fall. It’s so magical with its pumpkins and sweaters and riding boots.


So, even though things seem so uncertain right now….and scary…..and hard……and sad……I will try my best to welcome the new season with joy and acceptance.


And if all else fails…..I’ll just have another baby so I can remain in this season for another 6 years. Kidding. My husband just fell over reading this, I’m sure. I’m kidding, Matt. Sort of.

Thanks for stopping by today! Do you relate? Were the transitions of seasons hard for you? Comment below and give me a virtual hug. Or ice cream.


8 thoughts on “Seasons & Transitions”

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    Bethany on June 3, 2015 Reply

    While I’m not in this particular season of my life, I feel I can relate. Any bit of change leaves me nervous and anxious.
    Virtual hugs to you. But I know you’ll be just fine. You’ll find some amazing way to shine and flourish. I can’t wait to hear what the next chapter holds.

    While I’m halfway through my “kid chapter”, I watch you and listen to what you’ve gone through and how you came out on the other side. And I know I’ve got this. I can do this. Some days are difficult but this is all I’ve ever wanted and more.
    Thanks for your bit of honesty and realness. If you’re not a stay at home mom, you may think it’s super easy all the time. While it is so fulfilling and there are a lot of really great things about it, it is lonely and some days are longer than others.

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    Meghan Ruesga on June 3, 2015 Reply

    Being at SAHM is the best gift we can give our children. And once your little man is in school, hopefully you remain a SAHM. You will
    Volunteer in both kids classes, (because they’re both in school, you can). Get to know the teachers. You’ll host after school play dates, you’ll get to know their friends. My oldest just finished her sophomore yr in high school. My youngest just finished second grade. With each passing year, I mourn. I am genuinely sad. Yet, I thoroughly enjoy watching them become their own person. I think being a mama is the best, most significant thing I’ll ever do. I’m so grateful the Lord allows me to do this most difficult job with my four babies.

    I enjoyed reading your posts. And I sooo related!!! <3

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    Marci on June 3, 2015 Reply

    I saw your post on IG and had to stop by and read. I can totally relate. I find myself bursting into tears over everything as summer approaches. My son is graduating from high school this week & moving away to college…. Now I’m crying… Lol… I love making him breakfast, home lunches, chatting with him, his hugs, well, everything. I know you understand. I’m just awestruck that time went so fast. Hang in there. Being a mom is the greatest most important job ever. We are the lucky ones. Being a stay at home mom is a blessing. 😉

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    Terri P. on June 3, 2015 Reply

    I have never met you in person, and to be honest I cannot remember exactly where we ‘met’ … my best guess is that it was through a direct sales group. And while I cannot relate to your specific circumstances, having never had children, I can relate to changing seasons (and transitions). Being 55 (today in fact!), I’m sure that my experiences are completely different than most of your readers, but we all have these feelings in one form or another. Change can be hard. The reason I stayed a follower (not in a stalker-y way lol) is because I’ve always admired your positive attitude, your resilience and your sense of humor. I have no doubt that whatever you do, you will be successful and fulfilled. Please know that you have a positive impact in this world, on many people, of all ages, and this is one of the best examples that you can set for your children. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • 5
      thewillowfarmhouse on June 4, 2015 Reply

      Thanks so much Terri!! 🙂 Your words mean a lot!

      And Happy Birthday!! 🙂

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    Melissa Phillips on June 3, 2015 Reply

    I cried the first two weeks of kindergarten when my youngest started school. It was so heartbreaking. He is going to be a senior this coming school year… Just the thought of it makes it hard for me to breathe. I feel your struggle. It does get better, but then they present you with a new one. Kids are good for that!! Hugs!!!

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    Dagmar ~ Dagmar's Home on June 8, 2015 Reply

    I totally understand what you are talking about – and I only have one little guy. Let me just tell you, once they are both in school you will spend plenty of time juggling their homework, the gummi bears you need to buy for this event and the pretzels for the next one. You’ll volunteer for class mom or field trips. You’ll still be plenty busy, plus you’ve got your blogging work and shop to keep you busy. Wishing you all the best!

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    Connie on July 17, 2015 Reply

    You will ask yourself one day if you would do it all over again then go “nah.” Another day rolls around and you will be holding your great grandchild as I did yesterday and know deep in your heart know it was all worth it.

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