Simple and Fresh Living Room Changes

07. January 2016 Design, DIY 8
Simple and Fresh Living Room Changes

I’m still working on getting my house put back together since taking down Christmas. I like to reset everything….and that typically involves multiple room rearranges. I love something fresh and different.

Look hard…you’ll see my reflection in the t.v. Hello.


Yesterday I shared the free Cow Printable, so you saw a little corner of my living room post-Christmas. Here’s the rest. I’ve made a lot of changes in here.

IMG_0819edit IMG_0811edit IMG_0807edit IMG_0813edit

The couch is in a different place, I added the antique Railroad station bench to this room for extra seating too. The t.v. got moved. I added a couple different end tables. Made a new sign for above the t.v. New pillows. It feels good to have everything simplified and fresh.

IMG_0818edit IMG_0829edit IMG_0802edit


I don’t really do much “winter” decorating. Actually, after looking around, I didn’t do ANY winter decorating. Apparently, it’s not my thang.

IMG_0816edit IMG_0830edit

This end table is the little farm table I built for my kids. It used to be in their play room……they outgrew it. Wahh.

IMG_0822 IMG_0820edit

I’m pretty much obsessed with all the neutral colors,  touches of natural wood, and lotso stripes happening in here.

Thanks so much for stopping! I think you’re swell.


8 thoughts on “Simple and Fresh Living Room Changes”

  • 1
    JW on January 7, 2016 Reply

    Very nice! My husband and I are downsizing since our youngest finished college and moved out. I plan on redecorating our new place very similar to yours. I’m so glad I found your blog. I will be using a lot of your ideas. Thanks so much and have a blessed day!

  • 2
    jkorolewski on January 7, 2016 Reply

    I just LOOOOVE this look! My husband bought me an old fence door for Christmas….I may have to look at turning it into a light fixture like the one you have over your end table. So cute!!

  • 3
    jenhigg on January 8, 2016 Reply

    Love everything about your space! Instagram follower but this is my first visit to your blog. I know where I’ll be while sipping my coffee this morning! Mind me asking where your couch covers are from? We have a funky shaped couch and I can’t seem to find covers that would fit the lower arms of our couch.

  • 4
    Denise on January 21, 2016 Reply

    This is my first visit to your blog, and I looooove it! Your farmhouse is beautiful!

  • 5
    Denise on January 22, 2016 Reply

    I forgot to ask, what color is your living room and kitchen? I really like it.

  • 6
    Barbara Booth on June 17, 2016 Reply

    I’m with jenhigg, Where did you get you couch covers from? or did you make them yourself. I really love them. I thought they might be drop cloth but not sure.

  • 7
    Kate on July 27, 2016 Reply

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