Simple Fall Farmhouse Kitchen

Simple Fall Farmhouse Kitchen

In case anyone is keeping track, I’m still being a Simple Sam in my décor. I don’t know what a Simple Sam is, but I’m being one. I imagine he’s a very plain fellow with slender features. So, basically I’m the décor equivalent of him. Simple. And slender? Lol

Let’s move on, shall we?

I shared my Living Room & Dining Room Fall Tour last week – you can see it here!

For the Kitchen I picked up some silver dollar eucalyptus and some deep red florals! I really love the darker red tones in my bright white Kitchen!

I left the Blue Ironstone dishes on my open shelving! I don’t see myself pulling them down anytime soon. They’re my favorite! I considered adding some small white pumpkins, but it just didn’t sing to me. Here’s the thing folks, this room gets used errrrrrryday. I want to decorate and be able to leave it out and it not be in the way! We use those shelves everyday so dodging pumpkins to get a coffee cup didn’t sound simple. Or fun.

I considered taking the morning to bake something really amazing and perfectly Fall so I could really style this shoot to the tenth degree…..but time didn’t allow. So…..use your imagination and picture some delicious Homemade Cinnamon Rolls on the counter with some flour neatly scattered on an antique bread board.

Perhaps another day I’ll have time for such pleasures.

For today, a Simple Photo Shoot will do! 😉


Gather Metal Cutout and Two Tiered Tray: HERE 

Table, Chairs, Bread Boards : Antique Finds!

Happy Fall Y’all!! 🙂



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    Alexandra on September 22, 2017 Reply

    Looks very fresh… love it ♥ Alexandra

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    Denise on November 8, 2017 Reply


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