A Summer Ready Patio! Plus a FUN Announcement!

A Summer Ready Patio! Plus a FUN Announcement!

My poor son has been sick for a few days so we’ve been stuck at home…..but on the bright side it’s allowed to me get SO MUCH done! The weather has been absolutely amazing too!

Yesterday I got the mulch delivered and spread – there’s nothing quite like a fresh layer of mulch to liven things up! We planted a few more shrubs around the flower beds……I don’t know if you remember but two years ago my husband got a burr up his rear and pulled ALL of our front landscaping out. We aren’t professional landscapers so it’s been a real thrill trying to figure out all the new plants and such. Anyway….that’s in the front. The BACK is what this post is about today. That’s where we spend a good deal of our time in the Summer so we’ve spent years creating our own little oasis.


I freshened up the back porch a couple weeks ago, which you can see here….and now that the back landscaping is done we are ready for SUMMER!

With the mulch down and everything in full bloom, I’m ready for summer nappin’!

Ok….lastly….Something pretty big and exciting happened to me this week! The June Issue of Country Living Magazine hit stores annnnnnd yours truly was in it! This is their fun Coast to Coast issue and they chose our kitchen as the pick to represent Ohio! It’s honestly a dream come true. I’m not a professional decorator or designer. I just love my house and making it pretty. To be mentioned in Country Living Magazine and SEE my home in print….it’s indescribable. 🙂

2017 has been a pretty big year for me so far, so it seemed appropriate to get a photo WITH the Magazine IN my store. I’ve failed at a LOT of things you guys….a LOT. But I’ve never ever lost my passion. A strong passion for something (anything!) will push you through the fear….so just be passionate and live life hard!! And never stop dreaming!!


Thanks for stopping!! 🙂 Happy Tuesday!


4 thoughts on “A Summer Ready Patio! Plus a FUN Announcement!”

  • 1
    Amber on May 17, 2017 Reply

    Woohoo!! Congrats! I’m in it for Idaho and it’s just so exciting!!!

  • 2
    JoAnne on May 17, 2017 Reply

    Congratulations, Jennifer! I live in Ohio so I’m very excited for you. Your summer patio looks so pretty – I’ve been working on ours so I may be borrowing a few ideas from you! : )

  • 3
    Angel Dawn Lynch on August 30, 2017 Reply

    I can’t find your tutorial for your conduit electrical poles for your lights.

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