The One Thing Every Room Needs!

The One Thing Every Room Needs!

Ok, so I’m not an expert…..but I am passionate….and I’m outspoken. So, here’s my opinion.

Antiques are my jam. Some love to shop for designer handbags or shoes….or spend hours walking big department stores. They withdraw if they don’t get to go every so often. While I certainly love all of those things…..My addiction of choice is Antique Stores. My absolute favorite shopping is done within the walls of Antique Stores. The history enthralls me. The originality is mesmerizing.  I am always left inspired and refreshed. I simply can’t get enough.

Farmhouse Master

I typically set out to find unique pieces that tell a story. Something that not a lot of people have…..or anyone I know anyway. Something that makes my house stand apart. Sure, I might shop the same big stores for decor as everyone else……I might even have tons of the same decor as other folks……I mean….I OWN a Decor Company for crying out loud! Obviously, I LOVE decor….of ALL kinds!…..but my point is,  I want to use it differently and mixed in with pieces and accents that gives my house some originality.

I recently saw a photo of a room that someone redid. They took 25 popular farmhouse style trends and threw them together in one room……It was duplicated design with absolutely no blend and no originality. That might work for some…..maybe most. But for me, I need to be different. Even if it’s just a LITTLE different….


The BEST, most surefire way to blend popular decor trends with originality is…..ANTIQUES! 🙂

Finding a cool dresser with lots of character to use as a sideboard in your Dining Room or in your Living Room as a TV Console is a great starting point! Or even simpler…..Antique frames. Incorporate them into a Gallery Wall for total originality. Shop around as many antique stores for vintage baskets and create a basket wall! Vintage office decor – an old typewriter or lamp. Gosh. I could go on. No need to spend thousands. Adding one unique authentic Antique to every room will add exponential character to your home! And it’ll make you SO HAPPY! The stories they hold are invaluable. Keep them. Pass them down to your kids who will pass them down to theirs. Create Family heirlooms that everyone will fight over when your dead and gone because of the memories they hold. (I’m so inspiring, right?)

So. Go decorate with all that Farmhouse decor! Fill your house to the brim with galvanized everything if you want…..but add a cool unique piece that holds history. It’s a decorating game changer.

Here’s some examples of how I incorporate Vintage & Antique pieces in my own home: (I’ve been collecting for a while now, but starting with a piece here and there is all it takes!!)

DiningRoom DiningRoom2

In my Dining Room I added a neat vintage “pie cupboard” to my sideboard. I also have an old metal ice box that says “Brookfield Dairy” on it. There’s a few antique enamel and ironstone dishes as well, but the rest is all “new”.

LIving1 AntiqueChairIn my Living Room, I created a Gallery wall using photos I’ve taken and free printables using picture frames from garage sales. I added a vintage ladder, a rifle stock and an old travel trunk all found at Flea Markets for character and uniqueness. We installed a light sconce on a Barn Door for a fun dimensional element (and something totally original). The child’s chair isn’t necessarily an antique, but it is old and worn and adds just the perfect amount of originality!


My Kitchen is a lot of new stuff made to look old. The shelves were made with barn wood for an authentic touch. Vintage cutting boards and dishes (most of which were found at flea markets), the vintage copper tea kettle, and old rolling pins are really all the antiques in this space! Well, and the sink I guess! 😉 There’s an awful lot of Gable Lane Decor in this photo….and mixed in with a few cool vintage accents, it holds originality while still being very trending! Yay! 🙂

I think you get the idea. And hopefully I’ve inspired you just a tad to check out your local shops for some fun unique pieces and accents to add to your arsenal of Farmhouse Decor Shops!

I’d love to see the way YOU create originality in your home! Use the hashtag #DecorateOriginal so I can see what you’ve done and share your photos with my followers!  signature



4 thoughts on “The One Thing Every Room Needs!”

  • 1
    Susanne on August 6, 2016 Reply

    I love antiques and shopping antique stores and flea markets…I will buy something for our home before I will buy a new outfit, although I have been known to buy a purse every now and then 😉 Every time I come home with something my hubby asks me where am I going to put it….heck, I don’t know, but I will find a place!

  • 2

    Your home is absolutely breathtaking Jennifer! Truly, farmhouse style at its finest. I especially love the little “Bakery” corner, the blanket ladder and the baskets on the wall. Well done!

  • 3
    helen on October 7, 2016 Reply

    I love antique shopping as well quite often l can find a piece that’s heaps cheaper than something brand new and not mass produced , also how good is a side of the road find ! I love paint chips and rust 🙂

  • 4
    Melanie on November 9, 2016 Reply


    I just today discovered your blog and I think it is AWESOME! Can you tell me where you got the standing lamp in the photo with the square wall clock?

    Thank you!


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