The Perfect Christmas Gift Idea Part 1

So, if you’ve been following me for ANY length of time at all you already know how serious I am about supporting small businesses. And how vocal I can be about them.

Why am I so strongly opinionated and vocal about such things you ask? Because I KNOW how impactful the support can be from the other side. And I don’t just mean financially.

Entrepreneurs can be a different breed. Not necessarily a better breed. Just a different breed. They (my) brain functions and operates differently than most. For some (me) working a 9-5 behind a desk in Corporate America would literally suffocate their (my) very being. Without entrepreneurs we would all be fighting for the same jobs and this world would be so so boring. There would be little to no creativity or many HANDMADE, HAND CRAFTED items. The time, quality, attention to detail, packaging that comes with an item from a small business is like nothing you would purchase from a big name department store. 


When you buy from a small business, you are likely supporting a stay at mom, or a entrepreneurial dad, or husband and wife team who are clawing and fighting their way through a Walmart/Target obsessed world, trying to provide for their families. Your support allows that determined individual to continue perusing their dreams. Do you have dreams? I’m sure you do. Small business owners fought the fear of failure and are working everyday to live that dream. Hey. And you should live yours too! 🙂

This is why I’m passionate about supporting small businesses. Without my small business I would be working in corporate America right now living a life that I wasn’t destined for.

So. This is my idea. For the next 7-8 weeks I will be featuring a new small business that I think makes EXCEPTIONAL gift ideas for Christmas! You’re already going to be spending money on Christmas. Wouldn’t you rather see your hard earned dime go to a family working day in and day out to grow and provide?? Or to Walmart where nobody but the CEO gets rich? No thanks.

Here’s week #1.

Willow Creek Leather  I randomly came across this company on Instagram about a week ago. Their name caught my attention first (I wonder why). Their Instagram page is beautiful as they live in the mountains of Wyoming. Swoon. They create the most beautiful leather wallets, journals, bracelets, and bags (gasp! Their bags!!!)  Everything they do is hand stitched! And hand dyed! It’s made with love and care y’all. And that’s a beautiful thing. They seem like a sweet family who loves to hunt (yay!) and the outdoors! Their prices are great and all of their pieces would make the PERFECT gift! Go show them some love….and give them a follow on Instagram for some major swoon worthy photos!

Will you do your part this Christmas to support some small businesses? 🙂

What small businesses would love to see me feature? I need ideas!!



1 thought on “The Perfect Christmas Gift Idea Part 1”

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    Carole Davey on November 6, 2015 Reply

    Jennifer ,,, thanks for featuring Willow Creek Leather… my granddaughter is the artist and is indeed a stay-at-home mom living in the mountains of Wyoming.

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