Vintage Funnel Light Tutorial

23. February 2015 DIY 2
Vintage Funnel Light Tutorial

DIYfunnelPINIf you’ve been following me for a while, then it’s certainly no secret that I have an undying love for old things. In addition to my love for old things, I love repurposing old things into new things. It’s beyond thrilling for me. I love having a house full of things with stories and history. It just thrills me.

When we started our kitchen renovation a month ago, I turned this vintage funnel I nabbed in an Antique store into a pendant for above my sink. I didn’t post the tutorial though and had a few people ask me to show how it’s done. So, that’s what this post is for! 🙂

I found this amazingly gorgeous (and huge) funnel in the Antique store that I have a booth in. The GREAT thing about repurposing old industrial funnels into lights is how incredibly affordable it is compared to buying new pendants!! I got this funnel for $19 and the electrical parts were only an additional $10. You can’t buy a pendant that looks THIS authentic ANYWHERE for $29. Plus, it’s completely original! Not another like it! Which is also important to me! I’m not a bandwagon kinda gal. I like to pave my own way. 😉

Ok. So this is the list of things you’ll need for a DIY pendant light:

  • A vintage funnel or something similar
  • Black light chain
  • A piece of lamp wire (You can have this cut at Home Depot. Just get the distance from the ceiling to where you want your pendant to hang)
  • A light socket
  • A light bulb extender – This isn’t necessary for ALL funnels. It was on ours because of how big this funnel is. We wanted the light bulb to hang slightly lower. So this is optional.
  • A Light canopy (If you’re replacing an existing chandelier or pendant  you may be able to use the canopy from that light. That’s what we did!)
  • Drill and drill bit
  • A screw and a nut



The first step is to cut your chain and lamp wire down to the length you need. Weave the wire through the chain. Leave one end longer so you can splice and connect the wire to the socket (a few steps down)


Then use a drill bit (the same size or slightly larger than the screw you have) and drill a hole straight through the top of the funnel. This step is ONLY necessary if your funnel is larger and heavy like this one..


Make sure your screw is going to fit through the hole. Then set it aside. Time to wire the socket up.


Splice the ends of your lamp wire so the wire is exposed. We cut down the wire that came on the socket. Use your own discretion here. Cut it down to the length you need and wire them together. Mark the end of your lamp wire so you know which one is white and which is black. You won’t be able to see the socket once it’s inside the funnel, so mark them now. IMG_5990

Put your wired socket through the bottom of the funnel and feed the wire/chain up through the top. Once you get it all fed through, put your screw through one of the chain holes. This will allow the chain to bear most of the weight of the funnel. Some may not prefer the exposed screw and nut look, but we think it just adds to the industrialized look of the pendant. We also chose to use an extra long screw because I wanted the screw to stick out the same on both sides of the funnel. Because I’m symmetry OCD. You could use a shorter screw though that wouldn’t be as exposed and noticeable.

IMG_5992 IMG_5993

Only thing left to do is mount your new pendant! Throw in a vintage looking Thomas Edison bulb for extra pizzazz and you’re done!! You have a one of a kind piece that will get you tons of compliments! 🙂

IMG_6050edit IMG_6053edit IMG_6055edit IMG_6059edit IMG_6054edit IMG_6059edit IMG_6060edit

Have a great Monday!!


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    Bethany on February 25, 2015 Reply

    I just love this! Thanks for sharing!

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      thewillowfarmhouse on February 26, 2015 Reply

      Thank you!! 🙂

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