Y’all, I Love Pillows

Y’all, I Love Pillows

I’ve got vintage kitchen towel pillows, grain sack pillows, sugar sack pillows, ticking pillows, burlap pillows, painted pillows, and now I’ve got the most adorable Farmer’s Market pillow. I’m basically the Bubba Gump of pillows.


For research purposes I counted my pillows. I’m very ashamed to admit that I have 19 pillows…….in just my 2 living rooms. Will you still be my friend?


I love pillows you guys. And pillows love me back. We’re very happy together.

My friend Kendra over at So Vintage Chic makes THEEEEEEEEEE most adorable pillows. She has an enormous variety of the cutest pillows and some can be custom made! Not only are her pillows the best in the land, but they’re VERY durable and top notch quality. And she didn’t even pay me to say that! Oh, her packaging is seriously the cutest. It was so pretty….I felt like it was my birthday.


I HAD to have this Farmers Market one for my living room. Had to. Seriously. Ok? Isn’t it seriously the cutest? Pillows really bring out the passion in my writing. I’m breaking into a bit of a sweat.


You want one don’t you? Well, good news! Kendra is offering you guys 20% off her entire website! Head over to her shop RIGHT NOW and enter code WILLOWFARMHOUSE at checkout! This discount code only last ONE week, so hurry hurry! Comment below and let me know which you get! You guys will love what she has to offer. I just know it.

Now, let’s scroll through the dozen or so pictures I took of this delightful pillow. OH! I also snapped a few pictures of my new sugar sack pillows I made last week. They’re super oddly shaped, but we accept pillows for who they are around here.

IMG_8507edit IMG_8510edit IMG_8501edit IMG_8495edit IMG_8492edit


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